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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Types of No-Sew Tutus You Can Make

If you're anything like me, you love to craft but like to make it easy!! :) I don't like taking out a sewing machine for crafts because I just don't have enough room on my craft table AND prefer easy to do crafts for my busy schedule.

With that in mind, I decided to learn how to make tutus without sewing. But I wanted more than just one simple type of tutu, so I really had to explore options and came up with 15 different types of tutus you can make without using a sewing machine. Some require basic hand stitching (but I found ways to even get around that!) :) Here are some of the trendy tutus I came up with (remember, without sewing!!)

Tutu jeans
Tutu onesies and tutu tshirts
Empire waist tutu dresses
Two layer tutus
Three layer tutus
And 10 other styles!!

If you want to check out my exclusive instructions for creating tutus without sewing, take a look at

Have fun making tutus! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Craft Ideas for Moms and Daughters to Create Together at Home: Tutu Skirts!

For the full article I wrote, please visit: Craft Idea for Moms and Daughters

Tutus are not just for ballet anymore! And for good reason, tutus are so much fun to wear and are just beautiful! I've seen girls of all ages (from infants to teenagers) sporting cute tutu skirts and dresses.

Learn how you can create tutus with your daughter. Get a free tutu making lesson on the top of this page, emailed to you immediately. The lesson is on video, over 10 minutes long, step-by-step showing you how to create a beautiful no-sew tutu skirt for your daughter.

The Tutu Trend: Your Little Girl's Tutu Style

Learn more about The Tutu Trend

Little girls all over are wearing tutus and NOT just for ballet. Here are some of the ways little girls are wearing tutus:

* For play time dress-up princess fun!
* For holidays and special occasions
* For princess tea birthday parties
* For girls sleepover fun
* For every day wear!
* With jeans or leggings for a trendy teen style

Tutus can be worn by girls of any age, from birth to teens (and even beyond) because tulle skirts are so trendy and in fashion right now!

Jean Tutu You Can Make Without Sewing - Great Way to Recycle Girls Jeans

Some Tutu Skirts I've Made

Above you'll see just a few of the tutu skirts I've made. It's difficult to get some great photos of them when they aren't being worn by an adorable little girl so my apologies if you can see the needle and string they are hanging from! :)

Simple Supplies Needed for No-Sew Tutu Making

Don't enjoy sewing but want to create beautiful tutu skirts you can make for your daughter or sell for profit? I have the answer...Learn how to make easy no-sew tutus with

Learn how to make 15 different styles of no-sew tutu skirts and tutu dresses so you can show off your beautiful tulle skirt creations that are unique and custom made. You'll be surprised how simple it is to make tutus with just a few simple materials such as:
* Tulle
* Elastic
* Scissors
* Hot glue gun
* Needle and thread (optional)
* Unique and beautiful embellishments

Learn how to make a variety of tutus in just 2 hours with "Secrets to Tutu Making Success" DVD course.

Enjoy making tutus for your little girl!